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What Is a PBN and How Can It Help You to Rank Your Website on Google?

When it comes to Internet marketing search engine optimisation specialist are always coming up with new techniques that can help quickly and permanently rank the site very high within the search results of Google and other search engines. We all know that in Internet marketing that Google is the most important thing. We know that you want your site to be represented on the first page of Google in pretty high up. We also know that Google is pretty much a popularity contest. Back in the old day’s popularity was faked and created via creating tons of backlinks often low-quality backlinks.

The History Of Private Blog Networks

All things changed when Google reprogrammed how they rank a website. You can no longer create cheap backlinks by the hundreds and have it work out for you. Google is looking for quality over quantity these days. They’re looking for websites that have backlinks to authority websites, authority websites that are very popular, websites that have content that is similar to your website, websites that have rich content linking back to you. So it is not enough just to have backlinks.

PBN is short for a private blog network. It is a very important concept. It is a tool that is used in Internet marketing to give your website more social proof. It is the creation of a blog network that is related to your industry, that is content rich and heavy and it will only link back to you. It is a network that is privately owned by you that serves your goal of breaking your website a lot higher than it currently is. It is a tool that has been used over the last few years with a lot of great success.

Aged & Expired Domains

It works by having content that is so good, so heavy, so direct it at a singular focus, that uses aged domains, that meets all of the criteria That Google appreciates that backlinks that are created from that network are seen as high quality and valuable by Google. It gives your website all of the social proof that it needs as far as backlinks are concerned. It is a tool that every website should utilise. Creating such a PBN is also valuable because it provides quality content not just for you before the Internet as well. So it is not a cheap trick it is actually something that creates a lot of value.