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Konker Gigs & Jobs Recommended by Gregory Ortiz

PBN Setup

This my personal all time preferred gig for getting my PBNs built for me. – Gregory Ortiz

Article Writing

This is who I trust to write all the articles for every single one of my PBNs. – Gregory Ortiz

Social Signals

My “go to” for every new money site I create. I send social signals to them using this gig. – Gregory Ortiz

Purchase PBNs

My personal gig for purchasing PBNs. – Gregory Ortiz

Local Citations

I use this gig to get local citations on any new listing I want in Google My Business. – Gregory Ortiz

Google Entity Stacking

I use this gig on every money site I have as part of it’s foundational links. – Gregory Ortiz

Konker Outsourcing Review

PBN Setup – awesome PBN building service,

Article Writing – the backbone of all your PBNs,

Social Signals – essential gig for all new money sites,

Purchase PBNs – Gregory Ortiz’s personal gig for purchasing PBNs,

Local Citations – perfect gig for new citations and Google My Business listings,

Google Entity Stacking – part of my foundational links for all new money sites.


Tips On How To Choose A Good PBN (Private Blog Network)

If you have been around the world of Internet marketing for long, you probably have heard about private blog networks (PBNs). In essence, a PBN is a group of high-authority websites that are designed to be used as link building tools. By posting links to your main site from sites in the network, you can help it perform better in the search engines.

Before you jump in and start posting links, however, you need to educate yourself about how to choose a good PBN. The search engines have started cracking down on private blog networks, penalizing sites that use low-quality networks as an SEO tool. To keep your site from getting penalized, you need to make sure that you choose a high-quality network that will avoid getting flagged by the search engines.

Best PBN Networks for SEO

One of the best options is to build your own PBN. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most time-consuming and expensive options. If you decide to go this route, the best option is usually to buy expired domains. Look for domain names that are already trusted by the search engines and that are already getting traffic.

When setting up the domains, host them on multiple servers. Hosting them on the same server makes it easier for the search engines to identify them as a PBN. By splitting them out onto different servers, it will be harder for the search engines to tell that they are all linked together.

Best Content for SEO PBNs

You will then need to start posting high-quality content to each of the sites in your PBN, helping you get them well-established online. Once the sites are established, you can begin using them to link to your main website.

If you prefer, there are also existing private blog networks out there that you can purchase links from. Just make sure that the owners of the PBN have taken steps to cover their tracks so that your site doesn’t wind up getting penalized in the future.