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How To Find Gigs To Rank A Website

If you have the ability to rank websites, you should try to put it to good use, and make some money on top of what you earn from your main job. SEO isn’t rocket science, but absolute beginners are never going to be able to rank their websites for moderately competitive keywords. Some of them understand they have no chance without help, so they seek out to hire experts in SEO. On the other hand, most small business owners earn too little money to afford hiring big agencies or reputable professionals, so they end up by advertising their gigs in various marketplaces and jobs websites.

Konker Marketplace

By joining several freelance working platforms, you can find some good gigs to rank a website. Websites like eLance and SEOClerks are among the best examples. A simple online search is going to reveal lots of such websites that put freelancers in contact with potential SEO clients. All these websites have sections that are dedicated solely to SEO jobs, so you won’t have to waste your time applying filters to find the most interesting listings.

Konker User Profiles

When going this route, you need to take time to develop a compelling user profile. You need to appear professional and experienced, you must be able to show some results and provide client references. Once you manage to land a few good gigs and you get to rank a few websites for some competitive keywords, other potential clients are going to trust you to help them, based solely on your previous work experience and results. However, until you get there, you have to put together the best profile you are capable of. This doesn’t mean you should tell lies. Speak the truth, but make it sound great. If you don’t have any work experience, you should consider developing a few of your own website ranking projects. Alternatively, you may want to take a few of your friends as clients, and rank their sites for free, only to be able to add them to your work portfolio.

Web Portfolio

There’s also another way to find website ranking gigs, but this isn’t as straightforward as the above-mentioned one. You can pick an industry you’re savvy about, and find some websites with great ranking potential. Write a message to all these website owners, explaining to them how much additional traffic they can expect, should they rank higher for their most relevant keywords. Tell them how you can help them, and what they can expect from a cooperation with you. Cold calling is more difficult because many people shy away from answering such messages. Nonetheless, if you can get one or two new clients per month, you can build a solid portfolio in as little as one year.

Outsourcing for SEO Agencies

This can be a solid foundation for your future SEO agency. All you need is the determination to stick to it until it gains the right momentum. In addition, you should be able to rank websites, but you wouldn’t be looking for such gigs if you weren’t.