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Don’t Get Ripped When You Buy SEO Services Online – Visit Konker 1st!

There are very many sites that offer SEO tools and services. However, there are some scam artists and fraudsters who have come to realise that they can swindle money from unsuspecting clients. This is why it is a good idea to research thoroughly and buy SEO services from reliable and highly experienced SEO professionals – CLICK HERE

Before buying SEO services from a provider, ensure that you check out for the following red flags that will help you determine whether a provider is a fraud or just an inept SEO company from a real, competent provider.

Random calls and emails
It is a good idea to avoid those SEO firms that resort to cold calling clients into buying their SEO services. A good SEO firm knows how to market products without having to ambush potential customers through random email and phone calls. An SEO firm that cannot market itself without ambushing clients cannot competently market your company online.

Misleading rankings
Some firms out there trick customers into buying their SEO services by looking authoritative through paid links. These companies attract rankings for specific keywords by buying paid links which put them in the number one spot of paid listings.

These firms can afford expensive paid links as they usually attract many clients. The companies charge a lot for the paid link services and this may end up draining your SEO budget. When this happens, you will realize that your money did not go to the right company and you will have to start from scratch.

Why should you waste your time and money looking for another SEO provider just because you chose the wrong company initially? Save yourself time and money by looking for a provider who knows when to use organic SEO and when paid SEM should be used.

Black hat practices
These refer to those practices that do not abide by the rules set by search engines. Those SEO providers that use black hat SEO practices do so by using manipulation and trickery to make search engines believe that a site is relevant.

When you ask an SEO professional about SEO practices and you hear about link farms and other spammy black hat techniques, then it is wise to look for another company to buy SEO services from.

Industry jargon

A good SEO professional will use simple language to make you understand all about SEO and how to improve your rankings. However, scam artists will confuse you by trying to use complicated industry jargon and big words to make them look like ‘experts’.

Top rank guarantees
Avoid those companies that promise you the first spot in search engine rankings for your target keywords. Google has even stated that no one can guarantee a number one ranking as factors and standards used to determine search engine rankings usually vary and are too many for a service to merit a guarantee – CLICK HERE

Don’t fall for guarantees top rank guarantees. Let the SEO Company’s expertise and experience be the only guarantee you can rely on. These two factors are realistic and can actually work to put you on top results.